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Voxativ Ampeggios - white and black



Voxativ Reviews

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Aug 2011

by Art Dudley


Stereophile Aug 2011

Voxativ Ampeggio


"... the Voxativ Ampeggio's cabinet is made from a variety of woods from Schimmel's own selection: The side panels are made of the same three-layer sandwich used to make piano lids, medium-hard particleboards form the inner surfaces, and carefully aged tonewoods are used for the baffle and the surfaces immediately behind the driver."



Astra Suite note : Voxativ speaker cabinets are made by Schimmel, a 125 year old company that makes the best-selling German pianos in the USA.

The Voxativ Ampeggio went beyond sounding good. ... I was able to enjoy everything I played through them - not just as sound but as music - without fatigue, frustration, or worst of all, lack of interest."



"The Shindo Vosne-Romance preamplifier's darker yet more detailed sound (compared to that of its 20%-less expensive stablemate, the Shindo Masseto) was revealed as never before - making it almost impossible to move backward from dearer to the humbler."

Sep 2010

by Srajan Ebaen



Voxativ Ampeggio


"What was shocking is that I still had solid snappy bass to 40Hz despite this unconventional and basically counter-productive placement. Most commercial Feastrex, Lowther, Jordan and Fostex offerings I know would kill for such extension run solo under these conditions."


The Voxativ Ampeggio is a complete speaker. In this category and beyond the already stated reasons, that's not exactly common.


Consider Feastrex for example. Their US importer's Granada speaker runs a digital crossover to augment the widebander with dual 15-inch woofers. Do you see much justification in an exorbitantly priced 'full-range' driver that requires augmentation to make proper bass? Next look at the enclosure Feastrex publishes for their 5-incher. It's a poor ported joke.

 Inès Adler's Ampeggio appears to be a milestone in modern widebanders. That's true for her raw AC-3X drive unit and the expert marriage of transducer to enclosure. With solid bandwidth from 40Hz to 20kHz, it's presently one of the most compelling samples of the breed and surely the best I've encountered by not a small margin. The Ampeggio also is a musical instrument not merely on looks or because of who makes it. It's a musical instrument in how its superior time domain performance establishes proper harmonic fidelity in ways that read abstract or poetic but in the listening seat communicate themselves without any mouthfuls of fancy words. This somehow pierces right through the material and mechanical aspects of the playback process. One feels connected directly to the innate 'spirituality' of the wordless but universal art form of music.



Voxativ Awards / Feedback



Dec 2011




Voxativ Ampeggio

Stereophile Product Of the Year 2011


Stereophile Product Of The Year 2011 - Voxativ Ampeggio

Voxativ Ampeggio Stereophile Product Of The Year

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Nov 2011

by Steve Marsh

Voxativ Ampeggio at RMAF Show, USA, 2011


From his Best of Show list -> Best High-Efficiency System: Voxativ Ampeggio speaker system


Voxativ Acoustic Technologies, Don Garber for Audio Arts, Holborne: 


This room gets my vote for best-sounding high-efficiency system. I can see why Art Dudley was taken by these Voxativ Ampeggio speakers. Srajan reviewed these as well a year earlier. I believe the current price is $30.000/pr with a recently upgraded driver. The high-gloss black cabinets made by the Schimmel Piano company were as beautiful as the music that emanates from them.

While the single driver looks similar to a Lowther, it is apparently quite different. Sonically there was no Lowtheresque upper midrange shout.


A Peter Gabriel cut was playing when I entered. 


The female voice on the track took my breath away with its nuance and presence.


As one might expect, the speed and detail of the driver were world class.



The Absolute Sound

Nov 2011

by Jonathan Valin

Voxativ Ampeggio at RMAF Show, USA, 2011


Best Sounding Speakers of the Show (under USD 40k) - runner-up


Most Significant Product Introduction - runner-up


- “I can tell you this: On the “Gospel Ship” cut of Joan Baez in Concert no other speaker at RMAF sounded as lovely, lithe, and lively as the SVAs (Schimmel Voxativ Ampeggios).”

- “For instance, on “Copper Kettle” (from the Joan Baez LP I just mentioned), the SVAs were the only speakers that reproduced the individual strings of Baez’s guitar (everything else made it sound as if she were playing block chords).”