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Voxativ : Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why wideband drivers ?


Wideband drivers have top to bottom frequency range coherence that is glorious. Lightning speed and dynamics are a hallmark of wideband drivers. Wideband drivers are incorrectly termed as "full-range", as ther is no driver that really encompasses the full frquency range.


No crossovers with their inherent timing and phase distortions and no difficulty in matching different drivers together.


High soundstage precision from point-source radiation.


Good nuance retrieval at even low playback levels fior highly sensitive versions.




Who makes the Voxativ loudspeaker drivers ?


Voxativ actually started as a loudspeaker driver manufacturer in Berlin. It's designer is Inès Adler, a woman and accredited engineer, exceedingly rare in the hifi industry.


"Inès Adler began experimenting with widebanders in the 1980s. After she finished her engineering studies with a master's degree, she went to work for Daimler's Mercedes Benz diesel section where she developed engine electronics, ECUs and software. She holds 14 patents on diesel combustion, injection and exhaust treatments.


In the late 90s Inès wanted to optimize her widebanders and began a second round of many experiments which netted promising results. To properly distinguish her Voxativ drivers from all precursors like Lowther, AER, Stamm and Loth-X, she designs and fabricates each component part from scratch."


"With respect to the old Voigt, Jensen and Klangfilm drivers, this type of transducer has now been revived with new technology and materials."




Why did Voxativ designer not use Lowther drivers ?


1. The Lowther did not have good bass. The cone had insufficient stability at high excursions.


2. It had the famous Lowther "shout" that made voices sound sharper than real. The louder the driver played, the worse the shout. Unfortunately, people tended to play it louder in their attempts to get bass as well.


3. The top range was missing. There was nothing over 15Khz.


It was clear, Inès decided to make her own drivers.




Lowther surrounds do not last long in humid climates. Will this be the same for Voxativ drivers ?


At least 5 years is recommended before replacement of surrounds (by Voxativ) for a fresh overhaul.




Who makes the Voxativ loudspeaker cabinets ?


Voxativ premium speaker cabinets are made by Schimmel Piano, a 125 year old company that makes the most number of upright and grand pianos in Germany, as well as the best-selling German pianos in the USA.


Voxativ Ampeggio at Schimmel factory

Voxativ Ampeggio at Schimmel factory

* image from


What are the properties of the cabinet ?


In collaboration with Schimmel Piano, the cabinet was designed where all the resonant issues are optimized, rather than dampened out. Special tone wood is used for the backloaded horn cabinet that very deliberately uses no circular arcs but facetted turns to have optimal amplification while eliminating unwanted reflections and resonances.


"... the Voxativ Ampeggio's cabinet for example is made from a variety of woods from Schimmel's own selection: The side panels are made of the same three-layer sandwich used to make piano lids, medium-hard particleboards form the inner surfaces, and carefully aged tonewoods are used for the baffle and the surfaces immediately behind the driver."


For the Schimmel Piano finish version, the cabinet surface is covered in real piano lacquer, i.e. 1mm deep polyurethane paint polished about 10 times. The Voxativ by Schimmel Piano logo is made from brass and integrated into the paint.




What are the finishes available for the Voxativ Ampeggio ?


There are two (2) Schimmel Piano types of finishes, piano wood finish (black or white) and acrylic. The acrylic version costs approximately 1.7x more than the Schimmel Piano wood version. Schimmel Piano has mastered the art of both wood and acrylic finishes for their pianos, and bring their excellent experience to the manufacture of Voxativ speakers by Schimmel.




What amplifiers are suitable for the Voxativ loudspeakers ?


Voxativ loudspeakers are high efficiency designs. Owners of excellent low-powered amplifiers, whether modern or vintage, will be delighted to match their amplifiers with a pair of Voxativ loudspeakers.


It surely will be a sonic revelation to hear how the sound of low power amplification is brought out into the open by the Voxativ loudspeakers. They will bring justice to the glorious sound low powered amplification is capable of. Rediscover your music.


This doesn't mean only tube amplification, as there are superb solid-state amplification out there too. Lavardin and Neodio are great examples, the old Pass Labs Aleph series, First Watt, etc.


With a Voxativ loudspeaker, one can build the simplest systems possible but with ultra high fidelity results.




Are the Voxativ drivers modified Lowther drivers ?


We get this question again and again. No, they are not modified Lowther drivers. Voxativ drivers are built from scratch by Voxativ.


Give some credit to Lowther drivers for being part of the inspiration, however. They had unacceptable sonic and structural issues that prompted Voxativ to make their own drivers.