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Neodio Origine CD Player


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Neodio Origine CD Player ... premium CD player | NR32




"Hello dudes, I have tried hard to come out with a second report. But I do not have the right vocabulary for it. If there is an equivalent of an Oscsar Life time achievement award in audio, it should go to the Frenchman Stephanie Even. People who know me well in the industry in the past 3 decades only know I only critic"


"The power of "silence" is often understated. I finally understand the "wordless" description prevalent in this thread ..."


"As far as digital source is concerned, AE is never short of the ultimate choices. The birth of Zanden 2000p/5000s since 2003 in the realm of 16/44, in my humble opinion, continues to shine assuming they are in the hands of the experienced. Yes, technology leapfrogs every now and then. Resolution of the 16/44 cannot catch up with the up-sampling camp. Then, we were jaw-dropped by the resolution of Mike Stahl's Opus level of electronics. Portraits of symphonies are life-like as many had already experienced at AE. Then last year, the in the magician hands of Javier, the Wadax Pre One, renders an audio reproduction experiences of the "Les Miserable" soundtrack that is second to none at AE under the baton of Cessaro Lizst as the speaker.


These are all great ingredients. But it depends on how the chef would like to make the best out of it. I can't say exactly which is better than which as this is a function of too many parameters. Occasionally, I auditioned other digital champions in the market such as the latest version of Weiss Medea/Jason and the 4-box dCS Vivaldi in Tokyo. I have to say they are excellent in many regards too but such judgments have to come from my imagination because by no means their reproduction standard is comparable to AE who pays so much more attention to room acoustics, AC noises, ground noises, mechanical noises and now even EMI noises.


The essence of music only develops when all noises are stripped. After all, painters create their paintings on canvas. But music composers create their music on "silence". Here comes the Frenchman - Stephanie Evens - who designed the NR32 - ORIGINE - one box CD player. I emailed Jlam privately that we should grant him an award, as I finally understand what does all these "...." mean"


- customer feedback at Hongkong audiophile forum



Neodio Origine CD Player

Neodio Origine CD Player


Neodio Origine Features :


The Origine is Neodio's flagship CD player and digital converter. It has unique features.


A friendly product that addresses both CD playback and music streaming


A refined design that is inspired by music instruments


A state-of-the-art building quality Innovative solutions such as constrained layer chassis, high frequency filters and zero quartz master clock


A sound quality that challenges the best vinyl turntables



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